The Medicine Show Episode November 7, 2018

Prescription: Don't worries about humanity u can use your credit sometimes!!!!!!!

6:06pm - 8:02pm

Sound Designer, Composer and multi-instrumentalist
Who understanding of arrangement and is able to deliver beyond synthetic timbres Jasmine Orton and

Corrina Keeling creates conscious acoustic music rich with honesty, experience and insight
using her music as medicine to drive healing and change.

The Medicine Show With Jason Q Lawrence and Ali Ghazani
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Track Listing:

Zenit · Single
Chameleon · Single
Hey miss me around
Jasmine Orton · Single
Corrina Keeling · Single
Jasmine Orton · Single
Afro Celt Sound System · Single
Let you down
Corrina Keeling · Single
Jasmine Orton · Single
Life is beautiful
Jason Lawrence · Single
Corrina Keeling · Single
With you
Jasmine Orton · Single
Corrina Keeling · Single
Im let it you go
Jasmine Orton · Single
Dhafer Youssef · Single