The Medicine Show Episode September 26, 2018

prescription:We are all one! we are all connected!

6:13pm - 8:01pm

We are all one! we are all connected!
wandering the same earth we call Home. And despite of all our "deceiving" colors, underneath our various shades
we are all the same
We share the same source of energy. Air, water, fire,wood, and metal. plus our soul and spirit
The world is going faster and has more challenges than ever, we need something to lighten our hearts, something to laugh about, some music to dance to, we could all use some alleviation, we could all use some medicine

At first, my caught up with Colin James earlier today we talked about the latest ,
Then the alt-rock band(Her Brothers) of three brothers Gabe, Josh, and Levi, playing some voices of hope
it will make us ready for flying across the galaxy with Mark Lingelbach from Lambs Breath to see someplace new and magical with Joani Taylor

Colin James
Her Brothers

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Track Listing:

HUMAN's Musics - A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Composed by Armand Amar · Single
Cry Mercy
Joani Taylor · Single
Joani Taylor · Single
Joani Taylor · Single
Lover Man
Joani Taylor · Single
Colin James · Single
Honey Moon
Mark Lingelbach from Lambs Breath · Single
Your Right
Mark Lingelbach from Lambs Breath · Single
The River
Mark Lingelbach from Lambs Breath · Single
Her Brothers · Single
Her Brothers · Single
Her Brothers · Single
La Porte Bonheur
Ibrahim Maalouf / Oxmo Puccino · Single