The Medicine Show Episode January 5, 2018

Presciption: Observe the good traits of dogs, and apply them to your life.

11:06pm - 12:25am

Our guests:

Slevyn (Carson, Ludo, Brad and Kat)

Sly-Derrick (Brett, Joe, Brando)

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Track Listing:

Nordic · Single
Say goodnight
Sly-Detricke · Single
Nothing left
Sly-Detricke · Single
Until Now
Sly-Detricke · Single
Live Concert
Dhafer Youssef's · Single
Lost In Oz
Slevyn · Single
Sound Of Silence
Slevyn · Single
Too Fast
Slevyn · Single
Jack And Jill
Slevyn · Single
Slevyn, Sly-Detricke · Single
Short Song
Slevyn · Single
My Number
Henry Green · Single