The Medicine Show Episode April 7, 2017

Prescription: Please watch yourselves, the eyes are the window to the soul

11:08pm - 12:31am

Little Crow, Feat: Emily Seal and Kas Baker
Kamelian peforming with In Bliss - Adam Baldwin, Spencer Wilden, Cameron Hayes
Multi-Media Artist Karen Moe
Live from Monterrey Mexico From Nacidos Para Triunfar (Born To Triumph) Juan Pablo Garcia aka JP and Luis Bonales
Speaking about keeping vulnerable youth from joining predatory cartels as foot soldiers

Nacidos Para Triunfar

Karen Moe

Little Crow


In Bliss

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Track Listing:

39th Gülay (To Istanbul)
Dhafer Youssef · MP3
Restless love
Little Crow · Live
Half Cut
Little Crow · Live
Jason Lawrence · MP3
'Italy' by Little Crow, Christine Saul, Casey Pollon
Little Crow, Christine Saul, Casey Pollon · Live
Life's An Illusion
Kamelian with In Bliss · Live
One In A Million
Kamelian with In Bliss · Live
Kamelian with In Bliss · Live
'Second Hand Smoke' by Emily Seal, David Borys
Little Crow · Live