The Medicine Show Episode January 6, 2017

Perescription: Abution for resolution

11:05pm - 12:31am

Tonight’s guests are:
Campfire Shitkickers, Scott Lunn

Campfire Shitkickers :

Names or aliases of all people who will be on air:

Philly Roach - Vocals, guitar, kicking shit
Alex BanJovi - Banjo, accordion, mandolin, caterwauling
Mic Whiskey - Upright bass, flat vocals
Joss Sasporilla - Cajon, cahoonas, vocals

Email address’ and phone numbers:

Philly -
Mic - 604.817.5524

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Scott Lunn
Producer/Host/DJ: Jason Lawrence, Ali Ghazani

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Twitter: @vanmedicineshow

Track Listing:

Peaceful Man
Kutapira +Sound effect · Single
Stands T'Reason
Campfire Shitkickers · Single
Ode to OD
Campfire Shitkickers · Single
I'm a Bad, Bad Man
Campfire Shitkickers · Single
Shitbox to Nowhere
Campfire Shitkickers · Single
The Salty Dog
Campfire Shitkickers · Single
Clear the path
MC yogi · Only Love Is Real
Jumping At Shadows
Scutt lunn · Single
Until I'm With You
Scutt lunn · Single
Baby It's All Gone
Scutt lunn · Single
Young Years
Scutt lunn · Single
Come On Come On
Scutt lunn · Single
Leave Me Alone
Calypso Rose · Single