The Medicine Show Episode November 11, 2016

Prescription: No Pain No Gain, Remeberance Day. Use Discernment

11:02pm - 12:33am

Yuka Nishioka and Brandon Kayes
Scott Lunn
Pat Axe

Pat Axe

Yuka Nishioka

Brandon Kayes

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Track Listing:

Yuka Nishioka · Live
Spinning Spirals
Brandon Kayes · Live
I Disappear
Yuka Nishioka · Live
Yuka Nishioka & Brandon Kayes · Live
Angel Forest · Single
Until I'm With You
Scott Lunn · Live
Young Years
Scott Lunn · Live
Come On, Come On
Scott Lunn · Live
Pure Seed
Sarah Tone · Single
Hot Summer Night
Pat Axe · Live
Hello Blues
Justin & Pat Axe · Live
Love Is Eternal
Buckman Coe Ft. Mary Ancheta · Single