The Medicine Show Episode October 14, 2016

Pescription: Find Yourself In the Universe

11:05pm - 12:32am

Jake Touzel - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Ella Delamare - Drums
Ray Pelke - Lead Guitar
Kersten Tennert - Bass/Vocals
Insta/Twitter @jaketouzel

Producer/Host/DJ: Jason Lawrence, Ali Ghazani

'The Medicine Show' With Jason Lawrence Broadcasting healing energy with LIVE Music and Laughter! Friday nights 11 to 12:30 on 101.9 FM in Vancouver

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Twitter: @vanmedicineshow

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Track Listing:

Mesbah Ghamsary · Nothing In the Universe
Future World Music · Journey to Pandora
Nothing Good
Jake Touzel Band · Single
Dark Whelk
Jake Touzel Band · Single
Hey Laura
Gregory Porter · Liquid Spirit
Jake Touzel Band · Bad Faith
Take Me Home
John Denver · Poems, Prayers & Promises
Amor, Amor, Amor
Julio Iglesias · Momenti
Never Mind
Jake Touzel Band · Single
Crash My Party
Luke Bryan · Crash My Party
Jake Touzel Band · Bad Faith
Jake Touzel Band · Single
Heart and Soul
The Silk Road Ensemble · Sing Me Home