The Medicine Show Episode September 23, 2016

Prescription: Truth - Get A Second Opinion

10:56pm - 12:25am

Guests: The Elevens, Addison Falls

The Elevens

Mike Costea - Vocals
Arik Dicks - Guitar
Troy Giffin - Bass
Brennan Buglioni - Percussion

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @TheElevensBand

Addison Falls

Addison Falls - Vocals & Guitar
Instagram - addisonfalls

Natasha Tunnicliffe - Vocals & Guitar
Instagram - @tash90
YouTube - Natasha Tunnicliffe

Addison Falls - Messy EP

Producer/Host/DJ: Christopher Hyndman

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Christopher Hyndman

Twitter: @vanmedicineshow

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Track Listing:

Open Roads
Jon Swift · Travelog
The River Trail
Jon Swift · Travelog
Jon Swift · Travelog
Jon Swift · Travelog
Clark Gable
The Postal Service · Give Up
So Long
The Elevens · The Elevens
The Elevens · The Elevens
Field of View
The Elevens · Strides EP
Love and Pain
The Elevens · The Elevens
The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
Sufjan Stevens · Illinois
Beat of My Heart
Addison Falls · Messy EP
God of My Soul
Addison Falls · Single
Addison Falls · Single
Bullet Train
Addison Falls · Messy EP
Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
The Flaming Lips · At War With the Mystics
Where's the Line
Addison Falls · Messy EP