The Medicine Show Episode May 20, 2016

Prescription: Unity in Community in a world of diversity. Are we becoming so diverse, that we are isolating,? As important as individuality is, there must be balance, and a connection may be as familiar as Fellowship, which subtly connects us to our very

11:02pm - 12:32am

Rob Fillo
Kyle Cardigan
Tommy Vixon
And Surprise Guest Host and friend Rob Fillo

Host - Producer: Jason Lawrence
Don't Look Hear Productions
Kyle Cardigan
Twitter: @KyleCardigan
Tommy Vixon
(Thomas Hodgson) @TommyVixon
Rob Fillo…
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Track Listing:

Fire And Brimstone
Link Wray · LINK WRAY
Gangstagrass (Featuring R Son, Dolio the Sleuth & Megan Jean) · American Music
Intergalactic Refugee
Kyle Cardigan · Live Original
Keeping Me On mY Toes
Tommy Vixon · Live Original
Care FOR me
Rob Fillo · Live Original
Ya Ya 2 Nite
Kyle Cardigan · Live Original
Best of Me
Leonard Sumner · AMP SESSIONS
Hangin' By A Thread
Tommy Vixon · Live Original
Ice And Fire
Kyle Cardigan · Live Original
Rob Fillo · Live Original
Murdering Me
Tommy Vixon · Live Original
Kyle Cardigan · Live Original