The Medicine Show Episode April 15, 2016

Prescription: Embrace change and growth. A shape shifter, can at times mean someone who is able to change their form to adapt to different manifestations of change. Is it in you to show good form, and adapt gracefully to encourage harmony in your nesting area, echoing outward?

11:07pm - 12:37am

Seven Tavis
Kyle Cardigan
Linnea Sage
Giovanna Nunes Lima
Ian Crane

Host - Producer : Jason Lawrence
Don't Look Hear Productions

Seven Taviss

Kyle Cardigan

Track Listing:

Om Shreem Hreem
Indiajiva · MP3
Linnea Sage and Giovanna Nunes Lima · Live Single
Everythings gonna be all right
Seven Taviss · Live Cover
Love your self
Seven Taviss · Live Cover
Nine To Five
Linnea Sage · Live Single
Linnea Sage · Live Single
José González · MP3 Cover
Hollow Wooden Box
Corrina Keeling · Say Yes
Kyle Cardinal · Live
Ya Ya Tonight
Kyle Cardinal · Live
The Birthday Song
Kyle Cardinal · Live
Thank You For Coming Round Here
Koan Kane · MP3