The Medicine Show Episode March 25, 2016

Prescription: Don’t count your blessings, cherish them with all your heart.

11:04pm - 12:39am

Mike Godtmark

Felipe and Jason


DJ - Producer, Host: Jason Lawrence

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Track Listing:

The Weight
Mike Godtmark · Live cover
I Shall Be Released
Mike Godtmark · Live cover
Trevor Hall · Unity
Blessed Coast Radio Remix
Kala · Single
To Zion
Trevor Hall · Kala
Erica Dee · Single
The Best You
Jason Lawrence · Live
Lighten Up
Jason Lawrence · Live
Crazy For Your Love
Y.E.T.I. · Y.E.T.I. II, American War Machine
Y.E.T.I. · Y.E.T.I. II, American War Machine
All Along The Watchtower
Y.E.T.I., Jason Lawrence, Felipe, Mike Godtmark · Live Cover