The Medicine Show Episode February 19, 2016

Embrace other cultures, teach and learn through sharing

11:06pm - 12:49am

The Diba Ensemble
The Caracol Band
DJ: C-Low
Host - Producer: Jason Lawrence
Don't Look Hear Productions
Featuring: Hiscan Productions and Burkville Productions on Video

Track Listing:

Kerry Hirsch · mp3
Byzantine Blue · Byzantine Blue
Dig Deep
Corrina Keeling · Say Yes
Diba Ensemble · Live
Leilâ Khânoom
Diba Ensemble · Live
Battle Lines
The Temperance Movement · White Bear
Akava li zivoto
Saban Bajramovic · mp3
Sabor A Mi
The Caracol Band · Live Cover
Darte un beso
The Caracol Band · Live Cover
A Puro Dolor
The Caracol Band · Live Cover
Stand By Me
The Caracol Band · Live Cover
Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella
The Caracol Band · Live
Nisgaa Pride
Jake The Rapper · mp3