The Medicine Show Episode January 29, 2016

Prescription: Freedom through self expression

11:03pm - 12:33am

Rob Fillo Musician - Singer Songwriter
Jude Neale - Poet, Singer
JusTin PaTrick - Singer Songwriter

DJ: C-low
Host Producer: Jason Lawrence

Track Listing:

Political World
Bob Dylan · mp3
Take Me Home
JusTin PaTrick · live
Kky train
Rob Fillo · live
Love Belly
Rob Fillo · live
Blue Song
JusTin PaTrick · live
Green Eyed Maiden
Ron Korb · mp3
Let Go
Rob Fillo · live
I Need Your Love
Rob Fillo · live
You Raise Me Up
Jude Neale · mp3
Dezperadoz · mp3
Long Long Ago
Rob Fillo · mp3