The Medicine Show Episode October 3, 2014

Broadcast on 03-Oct-2014

10:44pm - 12:40am

From Go Getters Entertainment
Grizzly Bones singing
Natalia Pardalis Saying hi

Track Listing:

Love Or Something
Bob Geldof · MP3
The Great Song Of Indifference
Bob Geldof · MP3
Bongo Bong
Manu Chao · MP3
Lost My Mind
The Grizzliy Bones · Live
Index Harm
The Grizzliy Bones · Live
House on the Water
The Grizzliy Bones · Live
fire and brimstone
Link Wray · MP3
Molotov · MP3
Run As One
The C-Weed Band · MP3
Wrecking Ball
The Gregory Brothers · MP3
Fáradt Vagyok
Impro Rom · MP3
Impro Rom · MP3
Not This time
Ali Fontaine · MP3
Party in the CIA
"Weird Al" Yankovic · Alpocalypse
Poison Ivy
The Rolling Stones · MP3
Put Your Hands Up High
Gangstagrass · MP3
You My Favorite Hater
Chase Manhattan · MP3
When The Night Was Young
Robbie Robertson · MP3
Shaker Steps
Gangstagrass · Bound To Ride