La Bonne Heure with Valie Episode February 9, 2022

Episode 50: DANI DOUCETTE (fundrive)

1:02pm - 1:52pm

Chatting with Dani Doucette about her latest album Run With Me.

Also... If you wanna donate to CiTR's fundrive.. I would be grateful <3

Track Listing:

Run With Me
Dani Doucette · Run With Me
Making Moves
Dani Doucette · Run With Me
Into The Daniverse
Dani Doucette · Run With Me
Money, Money, Money
For the Love of Money
The O'Jays · Ship Ahoy
Rich Girl
Gwen Stefani, Eve · Love Angel Music Baby
Wu-Tang Clan · Enter the Wu-Tang
Money (That's What I Want)
The Beatles · On - Air Live at the BBC