Filipino Fridays Episode May 31, 2021

EP.19 - Empowering & Amplifying the Filipino Voice featuring Pinay Collection's Jovie Galit

11:00am - 12:00pm

It's a hot episode y'all! A powerful episode on amplifying Filipino voices, Filipino representation, community engagement, and educating on the nuances of the Filipinx experience. Our special guest is the founder of Pinay Collection, Jovie Galit. We talk to Jovie on her experience immigrating to Canada and the challenges she faced that compelled her to work in the field of settlement and advocacy for newcomer & Filipino families. We discuss how the pillars of systemic racism, capitalism, exploitation of Filipino labor, colonial influence and ultimately white supremacy has led Filipinos to internalize that pain and disown or deny their own cultural identity. We talk about how significant it is to develop critical thinking and why it is important to challenge structures and systems that do not benefit the Filipino community. We speak at length on problematic Filipino representation (it gets heated y'all!) and why it is important for Filipino entrepreneurs to be diligent about using their platform to educate about the aspects of our culture with the products they are selling. "Imagine if all Filipino led businesses center their values around community care and social justice." Lastly, we talk about how we have the power to contribute and enact change, rooting our values in community and using our privilege to speak up and be better kin/allies with the Black and Indigenous communities. It's a loaded discussion that leaves you empowered, inspired and hopeful for the change to come in the Filipino community.

Jovie Galit (she/her) is the founder of Pinay Collection, a Toronto based clothing line that celebrates and reclaims the Filipina/x identity. She is a multifaceted creator whose work lies in the intersectionalities of art, entrepreneurship, and social justice. As a trained Hand lettering artist, her work with the Tagalog language has been focused on reclaiming pejorative words through the art of calligraphy - a theme that is projected strongly through her merchandise designs at Pinay Collection. Jovie's artistic work has been featured in various platforms, brands, and publications including Ultimate Wedding, Reel Asian Film Festival, L'Oreal Paris, DeSeres, and The Huffington Post.

Born and raised in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, she came to Canada as a settler in 2011. Her immigration journey has moulded the person she's become and the person that she is for her community. Outside of her artistic role, Jovie has extensive training and experience developing community work and advocating for newcomer & Filipino youth and families.

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