Filipino Fridays Episode April 5, 2021

EP.14 - Love & Basketball featuring Ben Gacrama aka DailyBBaller

11:00am - 12:06pm

For all of you basketball fans, this episode is for you! As many of us know, Basketball is a Filipino's love language. Whether it's in the courts of Tondo, barangays in the Philippines, to community centre courts all over the world, you are bound to see a Filipino playing. The love for the game runs deep and when an NBA game is on, you'll always find Filipinos cheering on the court and at the screen. Other than Manny Pacquiao boxing matches, it's the only other time you'll find Filipinos off the streets and glued to watching the game.

Our special guest is Ben Gacrama aka DailyBBaller, host of HoopLifestyle podcast and DailyBBallerTV. He is also the only Filipino playing on the Silicon Valley Panthers. Born and raised in the California Bay Area, he is a basketball enthusiast with a community of over 12,000 strong on Instagram and aims to encourage others to follow through with their hoop dreams. We discuss how basketball is one of the few unifiers in the Filipino community and how integral it is to the Filipino culture. Ben also shares advice for the younger generation on the different career opportunities available in the world of basketball. We also talk about the late Kobe Bryant's influence on his Filipino fans and how his legacy impacted our community.

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