Filipino Fridays Episode February 1, 2021

EP.07 - Filipino Hip Hop and R&B featuring Heavy Rotation's DJ Marlin?o?

11:00am - 12:30pm

Comin' in hot with our special guest, we got the game changer himself, DJ Marlino from Heavy Rotation - the first and only global podcast and music show for Filipino Hip Hop and R&B. Heavy Rotation features music by established and up-and-coming Filipino artists from around the globe. Known for breaking new music, world premieres, and exclusive interviews, Heavy Rotation is for hip hop and R&B fans, music lovers and new music seekers. With over 3 million listeners, Heavy Rotation on Myxradio is where you discover fresh music first from around the world.

Beyond the music, DJ Marlino shares his experience as a culture cultivator by taking his experience as an on-air radio personality to create a platform for talented Filipino music artists. Driven by the passion to give back to his community, DJ Marlino works tirelessly to bring Filipino talent to the world stage.

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Track Listing:

Hot Coffee
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