Filipino Fridays Episode January 25, 2021

EP.06 - Discovering Your Roots featuring Sheryl William?s?

11:00am - 12:30pm

For all of you half Filipinos, mixed Filipinos, this episode is for you! Our special guest is Sheryl Williams, a Chicago-based intimacy coordinator with a background in Musical Theatre. She was recently featured as an actress in the Filipino American short films,' Miss Aswang' and 'Atang' under the direction of Filipino-American, Rialin Jose. Having faced a cultural identity crisis as a half-Filipino, Sheryl details the inner conflict and turmoil one faces when separated from her "other half". Without the opportunity to learn about her heritage at home, Sheryl shares her experiences as a biracial Filipino in the diaspora, the challenges that come with self-study into your Filipino culture and why even as a mixed Filipino, she is Filipino enough.

If you have ever faced a moment in your life where you questioned where you belong, what you stand for and who you are - this profound conversation will leave an impression.

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