Cushy Radio Episode June 3, 2021

Cushy Radio: Episode 59 - PRIDE

1:00pm - 2:00pm

This week on Cushy Radio: PRIDE EDITION!
Happy pride month! We at Cushy are all very queer and we all love you!

After airing this episode, our host Aly Laube was made aware of some very serious allegations against the frontperson of the band GRLWOOD. We're very sorry for any harm airing their music may have caused and we will not be playing it on Cushy Radio again. We are so disappointed to hear that this band was not a safe space for its own members.

However, the other acts on this week are PHEN OM EN AL! Do not miss them.

NATIONAL - Devours / Jody Glenham / Russell Louder / DijahSB / Roney X / Awwful / Casey MQ
ABROAD - SOPHIE / Autechre / That Kid / SuperKnova / Borai / Denham Audio / Jenny Lewis / Serengeti / GRLwood / LoveLeo / Rico Nasty

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Track Listing:

Two Kids
Devours · Two Kids / Dick Disciple
BIPP - Autechre Mx
SOPHIE, Autechre · BIPP - Autechre Mx
Kiss & Tell
That Kid · Crush
Barely Alive - Devours Remix
Jody Glenham, Devours · Barely Alive - Devours Remix
Go Now
Russell Louder · Humor
Girls Give Me Anxiety
DijahSB · Girls Give Me Anxiety
Roney X · Paradise
Off My Body
SuperKnova · American Queers
Awwful · Architecture
Make Me
Borai, Denham Audio · Club Glow, Vol. 1
Casey MQ · babycasey
Jenny Lewis, Serengeti · GLTR
GRLwood · Daddy
LoveLeo, Rico Nasty · TUNG TIED