Cushy Radio Episode November 12, 2020

Cushy Radio: Episode 36

1:00pm - 2:00pm

This week on Cushy Radio:

Who we're listening to -

NATIONAL - The Broken Islands / Hamb Sun / Potatohead People / Kendra Dias / SAVI / Fearofgod

ABROAD - Jane Weaver / Remi Wolf / La Dona / Victor Murillo / Dos Aeme/ Alex G / StreetSound / City Girls / Sewerslvt

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Track Listing:

The Revolution of Super Visions
Jane Weaver · The Revolution of Super Visions
No One Left to Kill
The Broken Islands · Wars
Hamb Sun · Jigglypuff
Disco Man
Remi Wolf · I'm Allergic to Dogs!
Break Even
Potatohead People, Kendra Dias · Mellow Fantasy
SAVI · Resistente
La Dona, Victor Murillo · Chuparrosa
Round Two
Dos Aeme, Alex G, StreetSound · Round Two
Kitty Smiles
Fearofgod · There's Too Much Going on
City Girls · Jobs
Mr. Kill Myself
Sewerslvt · Draining Love Story