Cushy Radio Episode July 22, 2020

Cushy Radio Episode 22

5:00pm - 6:00pm

This week on Cushy Radio:

I'm playing all-Black punk for you today, so get ready for a high-energy episode. Expect acts from near and far — some Canadians and lots of gems.

NATIONAL: Fist City, JonCro, The OBGMs

ABROAD: Fade 'Em All / Pleasure Venom / Big Joanie / The Muslims / The 1865 / Red Arkade / Ho99o9 / Moodie Black / Jean Dawson / Danny Denial / Dalek / Aye Nako

That's all for this week! Follow us at @cushyentertainment and follow our host at @smallest_princesa for updates on Cushy things or make a request.

Track Listing:

Fuck Cops
Fist City · Everything Is a Mess
Juez Judy
Joncro · Juez Judy
Acab Freestyle
Fade 'Em All · Acab Freestyle
Pleasure Venom · Pleasure Venom
Fall Asleep
Big Joanie · Sistahs
Punch a Nazi
The Muslims · Gentrifried Chicken
John Brown's Gat
The 1865 · Don't Tread On We!
Fuck That Shit
Red Arkade · We Don't Sing Too Pretty
War Is Hell
Ho99o9 · United States of Horror
Hawk Vs. Vulture
Moodie Black · Nausea
Bull Fighter
Jean Dawson · Bad Sports
I'm not your type (Fear. DoNormaal)
Danny Denial · Fuck Danny Denial
Spiritual Healing
Dalek · From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots
The OBGMs · The OBGMs
Aye Nako · Silver Haze