Cushy Radio Episode July 15, 2020

Cushy Radio: Episode 21

5:00pm - 6:00pm

This week on Cushy Radio:

Who we're working with: Nobody because COVID >:(

What we're listening to:

NATIONAL - Mauvey / Desiree Dawson / Citna / Pursuit Grooves / Paul Chin / PHoenix Pagliacci / des hume

ABROAD - Momoko Kikuchi / Okay Kaya

With a very special interview from a very special guest, Vancouver's own des hume!

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See you next week!

Track Listing:

Hide - Citna Remix
Desiree Dawson, Citna · Hide
Stitch Heal Recover
Pursuit Grooves · Felt Armour
Slow Wine
Paul Chin, pHoenix Pagliacci · Full Spectrum
Wild World
des hume · Wild World
Need You Now
des hume · Need You Now
Momoko Kikuchi · Adventure
Mother Nature's Bitch
Okay Kaya · Watch This Liquid Pour Itself