Cushy Radio Episode July 8, 2020

Cushy Radio: Episode 20

5:00pm - 6:00pm

This week on Cushy Radio:

Who we're working with -

Nobody but ourselves. Boo!

What we're listening to -

NATIONAL: des hume / Ata Kak / Garcons / OBUXUM / La Fievre / Backxwash / Prince Josh / Pierre Kwenders / Cold Specks / Planet Giza

ABROAD: Saada Bonaire / Letta Mbulu / Kim Gordon

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Track Listing:

Notes App Apology
des hume · Notes App Apology
You Could Be More As You Are
Saada Bonaire · Saada Bonaire
Letta Mbulu · Greatest Hits
Obaa Sima
Ata Kak · Obaa Sima
Garcons · Be Human
OBUXUM · Re-Birth
La Fievre, Backxwash · Goddess
Sketch Artist
Kim Gordon · No Home Record
The Joy
Prince Josh · The Joy
Woods of Solitude
Pierre Kwenders · MAKANDA
Fool's Paradise
Cold Specks · Added Sugar
Brk Frm Nrml
Planet Giza · Fool's Paradise