Cushy Radio Episode June 17, 2020

Cushy Radio: Episode 17

5:00pm - 6:00pm

This week on Cushy Radio:

What we're listening to -

CANADIAN - Bobby T, TOBi, DijahSB, Lowkita, KICCC, Biawanna, Aquakultre, Dominique Fils-Aime, CHIVENGI, Elaquent, Dear Lola, Annie Sama, Miss Me, Clairmont the Second.

ABROAD - Stas THEE Boss, Ness Nite, Snow The Product

Who we're working with: Still no shows for now due to, you know, the world burning! We'll be back as soon as is appropriate. :)

Track Listing:

Bobby T, TOBi · BLM
Stas THEE Boss · S'women
I'll Pay You Back on Friday
DijahSB · I'll Pay You Back on Friday
Lowkita · Fiyah
Watercolor Roses
Ness Nite · Dream Girl
KICCC · Wine
Biawanna · Comfortable
I Doubt It
Aquakultre · Legacy
Dominique Fils-Aime · Nameless
Mitsubishi - Demo
CHIVENGI · Mitsubishi
Recuring Dream
Elaquent · The Scenic Route
Pussy Walk
Dear Lola, Annie Sama, Miss Me · Pussy Walk
Waste of Time
Snow The Product · Waste of Time
Clairmont the Second · Dun