Cushy Radio Episode April 15, 2020

Cushy Radio Episode 8

8:00pm - 9:00pm

This week on Cushy Radio:

Who we're working with: Nobody because we are all in our homes!

What we're listening to:

This week, I dove back into some of the bands I loved in high school and my first few years of university and went on a nostalgia trip. A bunch of these songs come with more recent personal anecdotes, but there are some in there from my last year of high school — when I first started getting involved with the music scene — and before. I wanna hear your stories about whichever songs come with a memory for you, too! Send them to me at

LOCAL: Swim Team / Blessed / SSRIs / Kamikaze Nurse / Pudding / Dead Soft / The Courtneys / Queen Bee & The Buzzkills

ABROAD: Buke & Gase / La Luz / Habibi / The Aquadolls


Queen Bee and the Buzzkills:

I was 18 and drunk off my ass at 333 when I found this band. I'm not exaggerating when I say they were the first female-fronted band I had EVER seen at that venue (this is before Club Sofa, Sleepy Gonzales, Necking and the like came on the scene) at that point in my life, so I remembered them. Also, I was still into Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World at the time and they totally scratched my Sex Bob-omb itch. It's driven, chugging garage rock with satisfying, shouty vocals and a little attitude. It's got some scrams in it and punk, too, but it's good shit.
They didn't stick around for long and never put out another record, but this one's a gem.

"Toothless Tigers" from Stalk To Me:

Track Listing:

Swim Team · V
Blessed · ii
Buke & Gase · General Dome
Making Sense
SSRIs · Effeminate Godzilla-Sized Windchimes
Sun Song
Kamikaze Nurse · Bucky Fleur
O.D.O.P.A. (Our Dudes of Perpetual Assault)
Pudding · Pop Over
Dead Soft · Dead Soft S/T
The Courtneys · The Courtneys
Sure As Spring
La Luz · It's Alive
I Got the Moves
Habibi · Habibi
Our Love Will Always Remain
The Aquadolls · Stoked On You
Toothless Tigers
Queen Bee & the Buzzkills · Stalk To Me