Arts Report Episode May 12, 2021

Variety? We've Got It

5:00pm - 6:00pm

We started off today's episode with some shout-outs. Shout-out to Vancouver Opera and their latest production, Carmen: Up Close and Personal. Did you know that if you get a season's pass on Vancouver Opera, you can access all of the production at any time you would like until the end of the season? Our next shout-out goes to the Vancouver International Dance Festival. They've done a great job with virtual performances and you should not miss any! Up next, shout-out to Boca Del Lupo's Plays2Perform@Home. You can get a box of 4 plays to perform at home with friends and family, the best part is that these plays are brought to you by national theatre companies! Finally, shout-out to Isolation Suite. Previously we spoke with Tim Carlson about Isolation Suite so make sure to check it out if you missed that and also give Isolation Suite a listen, it's pretty great! After our shout-outs, we had Deon's review of Shelter which was followed by Phoebe's interview with Caroline Cox and Tiffany Ayalik about Food For The Rest Of Us. We finished off the show with Niko's interview with Erin Hawkes-Emiru, author of When Neurons Tell Stories.

Shout-outs 1:50
Review of Shelter 10:34
Interview with Caroline Cox & Tiffany Ayalik 17:24
Interview with Erin Hawkes-Emiru 35:36