Arts Report Episode November 4, 2020

So Many Reviews!

5:00pm - 6:00pm

We started off today's show with an interview Serra did with Megan Majewski about her upcoming exhibition "Fire Followers" at the UBC Beaty Biodiversity museum and her artist participation in the Annual Eastside Culture Crawl. After this interview, we had a bunch of reviews! First up was Eva's review of Heart of the City Festival, she even gave some of her picks of upcoming events in the festival you can check out! Right after was Serra's review of Studio 58's Risky Nights-Fort, specifically the two rooms The Shame Spiral and Political Party. We continued our show with Niko's review of Vancouver Opera's La Voix Humaine. Finally, we finished off with a review that Serra did of The Arts Club Theatre Company's Buffoon.

Time Stamps:
Interview with Megan Majewski 2.40
Review of Heart of the City Festival 16.20
Review of Studio 58 Risky Nights 29.40
Review of La Voix Humaine 42.15
Review of Buffoon 52.50