Under Review

D. Tiffany

Blue Dream

Pacific Rhythm ; 15/07/2017

Bridget Buglioni

Breakbeat and house meets fantasy on D. Tiffany’s Blue Dream, a four track EP worth tuning in to. Sophie Sweetland, who performs under the moniker D. Tiffany, released Blue Dream on Pacific Rhythm in June 2017.

The EP opens with glitchy, pulsing beats that eventually mellow out into a meditative loop that ebbs and flows through various samples for the entire six minutes. The second track, appropriately titled “Blue Dream,” builds upon this soothing energy, but is slightly faster and celestial sounding. While each of these songs suck the listener into a relaxing world of steady beats, “How RU Plush feat. Regular Fantasy” is by far the most impressionable track on Blue Dream. As, it features hilariously deadpan phrases throughout such as “How are you?” and “Excuse me, I’m tryna dance.” The only lyrics on the EP, these vocals are unexpected and borderline annoying, yet fit perfectly with the simple beat of the song. Just as you think you’ve reached the last of these deadpan samples, a final Sweetland “see ya,” or “I’m good” is thrown in.

Any fans of California’s DJ TOKiMONSTA are sure to love D. Tiffany’s Blue Dream. Eccentric samples, sweet rhythms, and varying flows provide the listener with a release suitable for many different circumstances, whether studying or dancing. Sold out on Pacific Rhythm’s website, this EP has been well received by those in the electronic community. And, with compelling and hypnotic beats, it is no wonder why D. Tiffany is one of Vancouver’s most exciting producers.