Rocket From Russia Fest

“I strongly believe we will have an amazing punk rock scene in Vancouver. I’m amazed by the Vancouver music scene. I’ve been discovering so many great bands. I feel like sometimes people don’t appreciate what they have here,” says Tim Bogdachev, host of Rocket From Russia, a punk rock radio show on CiTR 101.9 FM. And he’s right, people should be more curious, more proactive in experiencing what Vancouver has to offer.

Running from July 21 to 23, Rocket From Russia Fest is a $20 2-day event that claims to be “the perfect way to immerse yourself into the punk rock scene.” With bands like You Big Idiot, The Corps, and Contra Code, it’s expected to be loud, rambunctious, and even humorous. “On the first night, a band called You Big Idiot will be headlining. They’re really funny because for every event they pick a theme for the show and they dress up with some funny costumes. It’s kinda like humour meets music,” remarks Bogdachev.

And then there’re bands like Aanthems, who aren’t as conventional as the rest. With only two brothers, they play their hearts out. Their flair and natural ability to play bass make them sound like an army.

Bogdachev’s love for punk rock music translates to the rhythm of the festival and gathers the rock community. Will you be part of it?


Visit the Facebook event page for details and get your tickets here.