Under Review

Under Review: June EP, Lil_Babeee_4EVA

Shebli Khoury

It’s a very rewarding experience to listen to June EP, the latest release by Vancouver’s Lil_Babeee_4EVA. Everything hits at just the right time and in just the right way, creating a very coherent and creative electronic album that flows and fits together really nicely. The sounds, the rhythms, and the notes all enmesh with one another to create a very cool and interesting release.

June EP is essentially variations on the same base song that demonstrate the breadth and creativity of Lil_Babeee_4EVA. The synths on “June 1st” soar then settle down before soaring again all while layered against more shapeshifting background synths , all sounding perfect and with just the right intensity. The song was originally intended to score a film, and the filmic feelings of inspiration and dread it gave me would make it great for that. But the song goes beyond a track in a film score and stands alone as a great piece of music. The rest of the songs on the album show the versatility of Lil_Babeee_4EVA. “June 2nd” has jagged but bouncy drums and synths layered on top of even more synths creating a track that is addicting to listen to. The rhythm and the atmosphere on “June 3rd” would make it a hit at an electronic music club and “June 4th” has an unexpected but wonderful combination of pianos and synths that engulf the listener.

Over the course of the June EP, depending on the song and the moments at which you tune in, the release left me with a wide variety of emotions — everything from being clear and refreshed to confused and uncomfortable. Despite the breadth of the album, the songs felt connected and coherent. Given that this is the first EP by Lil_Babeee_4EVA, coming after a slew of singles — “Mr. Bark,”“Andya,” and “Bengal” — hopefully there is a lot more to come. —Shebli Khoury