Special Edition | Must-visit music venues, music shops and art galleries in Vancouver

Discorder Masthead
Fiona Dunnett

Discorder has compiled a broad list of our favourite Vancouver venues. Within this list there are music venues, art galleries, music shops, and a couple surprises. We don’t give details, for many of these spaces are interchangeable between media, and best experienced rather than described.

You’ll notice that we have organized them by area: our designations are a little unconventional, but you’ll get the point. Many of these places are all-ages, but some are 19+. If that is relevant to you, do your research before heading out.

Go forth and explore!



Additional venues that are awesome that you’ll just have to ask around to find
333 — ask around
The Black Lab — ask an anarchist
Ground Gallery — on abandoned lots, ask around
Juniper Room — on Industrial Ave, but attendance is limited
Project Space — 2-236 East Pender Street, but also organizes events in other spaces, like Vancouver Art / Book Fair at the VAG


New venues are popping up all the time, and others are shutting down. This list was created from scratch, laboriously added to over several weeks in August 2016. If you are a venue and we forgot you, we apologize. Email to have your space added.