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Review By Ashly Kissman

The word hex is defined as a magical spell placed on someone. It’s only fitting, then, that when sound artist Kristen Roos and artist/musician Prophecy Sun got together to form the experimental electronic duo Spell, they named their debut album Hex. The four-track EP is minimalist in production, with buzzing and wind sounds serving as the backdrop for most of the songs. The first track, “Forest,” is a perfect example of this. Hypnotic in its delivery, the track has Sun chanting some unknown language over beats that mimic white noise.

The collaboration’s signature style stems from Sun’s ability to sing otherworldy over the experimental electronic stylings of Roos. “Fading Away” finds Sun’s voice, posessing divine strength, emerging from an electronic drone; but just as quickly as it appears, it is buried again by an overbearing hum.

“Just A Matter of Time” carries more of a synth-pop beat, and takes full advantage of Sun’s sensual vocals. While the song’s lyrics suggest some impending doom, Sun’s voice somehow has a calming effect. Closer “Break the Speed of Light,” meanwhile, has her whispering instead of singing.

Impressively, all of the tracks on the album were recorded in one take, which makes it no surprise that Hex was released with the intention of capturing the live sound of Spell. The raw creation process is sure to be the album highlight for fellow sound artists, but, above all, it demonstrates the duo’s collaborative chemistry.