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Review By Ashly Kissman


Vancouver-based duo Myths’ first album can be best described as haunting, noisy electro-pop. Indeed, Quinne Rodgers and Lief Hall seem to have fallen in love with the synthesizer. This comes as a surprise only because Hall once sang in punk rock noise band the Mutators.

Regardlesss of their set up, Myths’ self-titled debut dishes out seven loud, jarring tracks that pack a powerful punch. “The Labrynth” features a series of angelic chants atop an up-tempo, bass-heavy, synth-pop beat, while “The Crime,” the most danceable song on the album, has a catchy chorus and sing-a-long lyrics.

Another standout track is “Deadlights,” which masterfully displays the vocal prowess of the duo. Indeed, their shrieked delivery of the lyrics, “You’re not real, you’re not really real,” paints a nightmarish picture.

Rodgers’ and Hall’s willingness to experiment with the electro-pop genre has clearly paid off. The result is a dark, yet ear-grabbing debut that is equally enchanting and hypnotizing.