Real Live Action


w/ Ben Rogers, Hyaenas DJs & Double Doux

Wise Hall; June 27, 2010

Review By Olivia Meek

I like this venue, the Wise Hall. I think it is important to have all-ages shows so that everyone can go! And this venue has a bar too, so it all works out. The Wise Hall is kind of like a big, wise hall. It’s someplace you would go to for a Scouts or Guides meeting. It has big, clean washrooms (I’d hang out in there for sure), and a few tables and chairs for your relaxing and mingling pleasure. There is a big stage which has a ‘performance’ vibe to it, which seemed appropriate for these bands. Hardwood floors make a great dance-floor which was necessary for the dancing and jumping that happened.

Double Doux was the first band that played, which consisted of some high-energy drumming, sweet squealing and riffing saxophone. Sometimes I forget about saxophone, there is something to be said about using breath power to play a musical instrument. Some non-major scales were definitely riffed on here. Saxophone-drum jams were exactly what I wanted to listen to that Sunday night.

Ben Rogers and band took the stage up next. More frequently than not, I look around at shows and I’m like.. ‘Dayyumm everyone looks so GooOOd.’ This was a good looking ensemble, including a feathered head piece mask and a poncho. There was a wonderful violinista wearing some great white pants and a shirt with all these jewels. I was pretty distracted during this spectacle, mostly thinking how I wish I had a poncho. I took notice to the worn out acoustic guitars, wholesome strumming, and a whole lot of foot stomping and hand clapping which was fun. It would have been appropriate if a big fire pit was in the middle of the crowd and Ben Rogers was dancing around with his headpiece on and everyone was clapping and swinging.

Hyaenas (members of Basketball), to what I gathered, were DJing in between bands with some groovy Middle Eastern-esque music. Not sure though, I went outside.

Finally, we have Mezamazing. This is the kind of music I would want to wake up to in the morning, or secretly listen to on the bus, or just move around to! The band had a couple of acoustic guitars (which don’t seem to be exceedingly important), A FLUTE, saxophone (yess!!), a trombone, accordion, some babes singing and playing percussion, a drum and a cymbal unit. More great singing and jumping ensued. This is a fun gypsy-esque jam band where everyone was dancing around and having a great time. Definitely a live band. I thought it was funny when I was in the backroom and saw the set-list which just read:

‘Fuck Germany’

Germany beat England in a controversial match that day.