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Self-Released; 04/07/2017

Esther Sun

Halfway through the first track of Time+Space, “Edge of the Earth,” I looked back at the media player to check that it hadn’t jumped to some Blue Rodeo. Uptights have a sound that is immediately nostalgic and dated, but endearingly so. It is everything you would expect from a power pop rock band known to play some of Vancouver’s most social pubs. A signature of their sound is the keyboard, opening “Satellite Heart” like the soundtrack to a revival.

Time+Space was self-released on vinyl, with “Love In The Future” marking the b-side. Whereas the first half of the album is consumed with clichéd romantic narratives and stand-alone singles, the second half shows more consideration to flow. Lyrically and musically, the b-side is more complex. Notable songs include “Brinkmanship” and “Used To Be Kind.”

This album is a great soundtrack to patio caesars and weekend chores, and hopefully Uptights remember that. When the clichés are stripped away, this is the band you want to listen to while hanging out with friends and getting shit done.