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Ashly Kissman

The wait is over for electronic and synth-rock enthusiasts; MaQlu has finally released her first full length album Blood.Black.Haze. The LP is the combination of three previously released EPs: Blood and Black, both released in 2010, and this year’s Haze.
MaQlu is a Vancouverite who has found a home in the city’s popular synth-rock scene. But something makes the artist stand out from the crowd: she’s mastered the element of surprise. Just as her unsettling lyrics and distorted sounds paint a picture of a zombie apocalypse, the remix artist masterfully adds a synth-pop beat. This is especially apparent on the tracks “Manifest,” “March On,” and “Snare.”
Most of the tracks have an up-tempo beat, which makes Blood.Black.Haze an exciting and refreshing addition to the genre. MaQlu also shows off her mixing skills on the track “Paws Off,” and “Os Invidus.”
Her style varies on the album, sometimes purposely distorting her voice so that it is barely heard over the music, as on “Whore,” while other times her voice acts like a loud drone (“Move Through Me”).
Perhaps with its dark lyrics and menacing sound, this is meant for a goth or electro scene. But, when MaQlu combines punchy pop melodies with sinister synth-rock, it makes her music easy and enjoyable to listen to.