Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

By Gregory Adams

Five: that’s how many times I’ve dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween. But truthfully, the homemade costume has been used a half-dozen times—the lime-coloured felt pullover was originally a Dr. Doom costume up until my mom, ever the seamstress, sewed a pillow onto the back as a makeshift turtle shell.

If you must know, I was Michelangelo, which you could tell by the M’s heat- glued to the corners of the outfit. Never mind that I wore a red bandana instead of an orange one, or that my parents were absolutely against the idea of letting their little idiot run around the neighbourhood with a set of nunchaku, I was the team’s official party dude from the ages of 7-9 and again at 22 … and 28. Of that last time, it was pretty tough getting all that forest green face paint out of my beard, and it might’ve made at least a few people uncomfortable to see a grown up using an outfit designed for a four-foot-tall child as a sleeveless crop top, but whatever, I had fun. With the holiday quickly approaching, it’s time to think of a new suit, lest I want to repeat the reptilian get up, or my twice- recycled Aquaman outfit. If I do run out of time, though, does anyone want to help me spray-paint a pitchfork gold to make it look like a kick-ass trident?

Clearly it’s that time of year for ghouls and goblins, and I think a little bit of that is reflected in this month’s Discorder. Cover stars Shimmering Stars, mind you, are too sweet to play the devil’s music, but if the ‘50s-inflected popsters are stuck for costumes this year, they should seriously consider dressing up as a trio of Teen Angels. Likewise, the quick-shifting prog-tinged pop of Ghost House isn’t necessarily the most suitable score for an apple-bobbing sockhop in your garage or haunted mansion, but the band’s return to form following a lengthy hiatus suggests that oftentimes things do come back from the dead. And with a vengeance!

Another fall tradition that always has the Discorder/CiTR team howling in approval is our annual SHiNDiG event. FYI, the battle of the bands-style competition is already underway. Even if you’ve missed the first few nights, you still have plenty of chances to head on over to the Railway Club throughout the rest of the season to check out some of the city’s best up-and-coming acts, some of whom you may have already read about in the magazine or online.

Really, we’ve got our plates full and our pockets stuffed with Kraft caramels. Have a hell of an October, everybody.

Discorderly yours,
Gregory Adams