Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

By Jordie Yow

Dear Discorder:

Happy October! By now you should have settled into Vancouver’s dreary weather and had time to think about your costume plans for the end of the month (I’m thinking E. Honda personally). Halloween is coming around the bend and in this vein we have an article on the horror movie influenced witch house genre for you (on page 12) to pair with a pair of costumed screamers, Myths, a duo of local girls who make some dark music fitting for this month (on page 10). You can see them on horseback on the left hand side of our cover. On the right hand side of our cover you will find Fine Mist, one of our favourite dance parties of a totally different variety. Check out Jay Arner’s skinny bare chest. It’s the best. Also the article is on page 8.

Getting back to costumed girl duos though, you should check out our article on Bash Brothers, a live band who dress to impress. Dress to impress people who like silly outfits that is. Post-rock/jazz/whatever artists, Fond of Tigers, have a new album for everyone to listen to and they discuss it and their addition of vocals to their music with Maegan Thomas over a beer at the Railway club on page 16. Wavves’ Nathan Williams chated with one of our writers before he played last month and they talked about his newest album and his new band mates on page 14. If you are a fan of the folk trio Daniel, Fred & Julie, then our entertaining interview with them is a must read on page 18 (I’m looking at you Ben Lai, host of Thunderbird Radio Hell and CiTR’s Shindig.)

Speaking of Shindig, have you gotten a chance to go down to the Railway Club to watch CiTR’s battle of the bands? You should. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to check out some new music, but it’s also held on beer and a burger night and the burgers are tasty and you can get any beer on tap! It’s also cask beer night so you can get a fancy pint of cask beer and a burger for just $10!

In other excellent local music event news, the Victory Square Block Party reappeared this year after taking a one-year break. Chris-a-riffic was in attendance and was around for the whole thing to write about it (page 37). Two of our intrepid reporters made it down to New Forms Festival to catch some of the highlights of the experimental music fest and you can read about that lovely festival on page 13.

Finally you should check out some of the nifty movies that will be playing at the Vancouver International Film Festival. We have reviews of two documentaries Strange Powers: Stephen Merritt and the Magnetic Fields (on page 7) and the David Byrne tour diary Ride, Rise, Roar (on page 6). If you get the chance you should view both of them and our sponsored film For Once in My Life, the uplifting tale of the Spirit of Goodwill Band, 28 musicians with a wide range of severe mental and physical disabilities, as they prepare for the concert of a lifetime.

Enjoy your month,
Jordie Yow