Nina Panini hosts one of CITR’s most recent additions, Deliberate Noise. Nina creates a weekly show centered on playing punk music and supporting Vancouver’s live scene, complemented by Special Guest Clare’s witty banter. Discorder recently had the opportunity to interview the pair.


What is Deliberate Noise?

NP: It’s a music show. I wanted to focus on playing local bands, especially punk or rock music. The point is playing good stuff, highlighting shows that people can see and getting people into the local music scene.

C: I think that everything is in service of that, in a way, and banter makes it a little more human.

NP: Yeah. We’re kinda just normal, we’re people, we’re students. We don’t have a ton of expert knowledge of the scene, we’re not in bands, but we do live here, so we have general knowledge of venues and bands. We think that we have good music taste and [we] want people to like the scene as much as we do.



So with the show you hope to encourage people to get out in the scene more.

NP: Mhm, and recognize how much good music there is, even though a lot of it is underground and not always easy to find. There’s a lot of good stuff here.

C: People often move to Vancouver and they have a sense that it’s pretty dead.

NP: The whole “No Fun City” thing.

C: It’s weird, because there is quite a lot going on, it’s just a little discreet. It’s good to have something that can curate and deliver. If you like the music that’s on the show, you listen every week, you’ll have a curated package of things you can go to.




Since this is a heavier genre, is there ever anything you listen to that you think ‘maybe we shouldn’t put this on the air?’

NP: We pretty much don’t care. We played a song called “Eighth Dick” and I was like ‘ehhh, no it’s fine.’

C: What happens is Nina, halfway through a song, [will be] like, “should I not have played this?,” but it’s only until they’re actually shouting “dick in a jar” that she’s like ‘actually…’

NP: laughs No, we don’t play anything super hardcore. When I say we play punk music, it’s very very on the pop side of the spectrum. I’m never super concerned that no one will be able to handle it. I try and play some pop and some punk, but mostly keep it in the middle so it’s pretty accessible to people.


Anything else you’d like to talk about?

C: The Bathroom.

NP: Oh yeah! So every week we do a “toilet seat cover” halfway through the show. It’s where I like to highlight a great public bathroom in Vancouver, because, you know, we all gotta go —

C: Bathrooms are one of the great joys of life.

NP: Yeah, like you’d see a great bathroom and you just kinda want people to know about it. It’s a toilet seat cover [because] I talk about a bathroom and then I play a cover song. That’s kinda the only segment we have on the show. It excites me every week. I got the idea for it from BeatRoute magazine. They would review bathrooms around Vancouver at the end of every show, and they stopped doing that a couple years ago and I really miss it.


Deliberate Noise airs every Tuesday from 2 – 3 PM on 101.9 FM CITR.