Puzzlehead, “Trucks” Album Stream

Vancouver uncanny quartet Puzzlehead release their second record, entitled Trucks.

Departing slightly from the claustrophobic paranoia of their debut Fred’s Man Cave, the band searches rock ‘n roll in a funhouse mirror. And it shatters, and bending over to pick up the shards a glare from a chandelier blinds you for a brief second, enough to prick the tip of your finger and send out a river. And you chuckle as you shuffle out the back door, because life’s a dreamhouse, you can’t remember having a chandelier.

Clarence of Puzzlehead says of the album, “This album is about freedom – intellectual, spiritual and physical.”

Puzzlehead will be playing a tape release show on Saturday, May 20 alongside locals Swim Team, United 93 and Echuta. Event page here.