Real Live Action

Regina Spektor



Review By Meg Bourne

In an age of over-produced Avril Lavigne wannabees, one magical lady stands out — or at least that was the notion I got when I saw Regina Spektor play. She sat alone at her piano for most of the night, with no backing vocals or supporting band, proving that her voice is a force to be reckoned with.

Leading the crowd in sing-alongs and covering John Lennon’s “Real Love” were just a few things which showcased her effortless voice and a genuine love for her fans. She thanked the audience at least over ten times during 90-minute long set, giggling and smiling after every compliment thrown her way.

I have always been a fan of Regina’s, and if anything, I am more of a fan now having seen her live. Her setlist was quite impressive, with some unreleased songs included in addition to, of course, her hits. As she played songs like “Baby Jesus” and “Music Box,” the audience became divided, with only the hardcore fans singing along. “Samson” and “Fidelity” brought the crowd back together again. During “Real Love,” which brought all The Beatles fans to tears, she hit the wrong piano key, giggled and looked up, mumbling, “Sorry John.”

This was Regina’s first time in Vancouver, and considering the show sold out almost immediately, I am sure she will be back soon — at least I hope so.
An audience member summed up the evening nicely: “Vancouver loves Regina!”