Editor’s Note

By Gregory Adams

As I write this, the sun is shining brightly, but it’s freezing cold in Vancouver. Despite some serious late-February flurries, at least according to my calendar, spring has almost sprung. Frankly, I can’t wait.

We may have been spared the bitter blizzards that rocked the East Coast all winter long, but there’s still something about the colder months that make us less willing to brave the outdoors. But it’s not like there was a shortage of good shows coming through town. Just check out our Real Live Action section. Sebadoh? Das Racist? Godspeed You! Black Emperor? There were some quality concerts going on for sure, but, to be honest, there were many a night where I just huddled inside under a blanket once it got dark outside.

With the spring thaw upon us, I’m going to do my darnedest to go out as much as I can. Apparently so are a number of local acts. Mother Mother are currently making their way across North America, bringing with them the quirky sounds of their latest pop-hybrid Eureka. Haunted sock hop soundsmith Dirty Beaches is currently crossing the continent with fellow lo-fi enthusiasts Dum Dum Girls; he’ll be back for a gig at the Waldorf on April 7. Let’s make sure we all go. As for cover stars Baptists, the grind of full time jobs and raising families may prevent the thrashers from taking off on tour, but, bless ‘em, they’re bound to blast your eardrums out at a local venue sometime soon.

If you aren’t planning on splitting from the city limits this month, why not hang out with the friendly folks from Discorder? We’re planning a mid-month party and everyone is invited. If you do one thing this St. Patrick’s Day, come down to the Biltmore for our all night hip-hop party, DisClover. We haven’t quite figured out how to make green beer, but someone is bound to sneak a Shamrock Shake into the joint. Shenanigans to be had by all! Just a heads up, I’ll be the awkward guy in the middle of the floor doing the Weekend at Bernie’s dance to Gucci Mane.

I’m packing up my duffel coat, guys. I’m pretty sure I won’t be wearing shirts for the next little while either. It’s spring!

Discorderly Yours,
Gregory Adams