Under Review


Time Of The Year

Anniedale Records

In a world where musical clichés are beaten to death and bands are picking up and reinventing old formulas, enjoying a new album that isn’t trying to be anything other than honest and soul bearing can be rare. One of these pearls is Time Of The Year, the sophomore recording by Vancouver’s Eisenhauer.

With masterful indie-pop songwriting hooks and formula, Time Of The Year doesn’t waste a second in establishing its passionate and turbulent beauty. Themes of conflict, hope, love and an undercurrent of faith figure prominently within this collection of songs, and as a whole, this album is a perfect soundtrack to the closing of the season and the coming of warmer months.

Intimacy, tenderness and vulnerability are key elements that will firmly embrace you in warm saucy stuff as this gorgeous album peaks and dips across its fragile landscape. The shared vocals between lead man Jeremy Eisenhauer and Sheree Plett, his wife, superbly bind everything together, making for an extremely enjoyable listening experience. Songs like “Face Painter” resonate wildly in the heart as lush layers of guitar, organ and clarinet add a sense of warmth and charm, while the shameless love song “Feel The Same” is emotive as hell and one can feel the devotion shining through in the vocals. This album is nearly as good as it gets and deserves a spot in any music lover’s collection.