Under Review

Debra-Jean Creelman

Triggers & Mirrors

(self-released); 15/11/2019

Tatiana Yakovleva

Debra-Jean Creelman, one of the original members of Mother Mother, came out with a solo six-song EP last November, Triggers & Mirrors. With her 25 years of experience making music, Creelman delves into experimental electro-pop driven by raw emotion.

The eponymous “Triggers & Mirrors,” features purposeful 2000s-esque autotune that adds to the upbeat, electronic pace of the track. Starting off reminiscent of Owl City’s synth-heavy and playful style of pop, “Triggers & Mirrors” fills the room with curiosity and intrigue. About two thirds of the way through the song, the cheery synth transforms into a rock ballad with haunting harmonies that are truly felt within. Creelman’s hopeful voice soon turns into a confession of her sorrows, both mournful and pleading. The variation and diversity in the title track carries throughout the rest of the album, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

“How Many Times” is a heartfelt conversation with the listener, accompanied by unsettling synth and a slow beat. Sharing similarities with AURORA’s style, the track also demonstrates Creelman’s abilities to convey a sweetness and delicacy with her voice that does not show up elsewhere on the record. Through intentional repetition, “How Many Times” becomes an atmospheric lullaby that can reach into the depths of any character.

Although Triggers & Mirrors features only six songs, its emotional influence and broad range of styles make it exciting to listen to. While it was, at times, not my cup of tea, the uniqueness of Creelman’s EP is ideal for anyone looking to venture outside of their musical comfort zone.