Under Review

Under Review: Tuff 2B Tender, Olivia’s World

Christina Young

Tuff 2B Tender is an album that prevails in our current age. The tender and gentle songs bring back nostalgic and blissful feelings through their authentic instrumentals, while the musical compositions are accompanied by joyful tears, laughs, and bright melodies. Frontperson Alice Rezende encapsulates the sense of true acceptance of her innermost feelings through these original sounds.

The album reminds me of a soft cyberpunk vibe that offers a comfortable place to listen to music of pure nostalgia and embrace of oneself, bringing compassion and originality. It calls the listener to action to reach for their dreams while remaining humble and soft.

The first track, “Debutant” has dreamy piano chords and electric guitar that soothes the soul and brings euphoric feelings of being human. The next lyrical piece is another soft punk rock tune that attributes big news and big laughs that feel like being “Hellbent.” This indie pop escapism brings an entourage of warm sentiments to brighter days. Rezende’s meditative and soothing track, “Little Sage,” incorporates peaceful instrumental tones, her guitar mixing seamlessly into the song and her pleasant voice a satisfying refresher on a hot summer’s day. This song turned out to be my most favorite piece after “Debutante” because of its upbeat, trance-like tempo and calming spoken lyrics.

The sounds of Tuff 2B Tender are an incorporation of reality and the fantasy of imagination. This album is worth the listen as it resonates with the soul of heartfelt babes that want to make the best out of their worlds. Rezende’s music ultimately inspires others to follow their expressive creativity. She writes music to express her individuality and outlook on the world, humming along and soothing the soul with powerful vibrations and the hypnotic focus of a lullaby. Overall, Olivia’s World’s sound is unique, authentic, and mesmerizing, and embodies the power of the divine feminine, where being soft, nurturing, and caring is attributed to strength, courage, and powerful energy. —Christina Young