Mix Tape

Review By Mike LaPointe

My 2005 began as a paddy wagon tore down a slushy street in Hamilton, Ontario. The kids who had been standing idly on the road began to run, slipping on black ice and scrambling over snowbanks, most of them clutching cases of beer to their chests in fear. My friends and I stood watching the scene, looking
at our watches as the countdown passed unannounced, and it seemed then like this year might not be so great.

But I can’t speak for everyone. The next morning, as I sat in a Tim Horton’s with a precious cup of black coffee, people regaled each other in wondrous New Years Eve tales. Stories of balloons and party hats and confetti everywhere, all the time, with midnight kisses and genuine resolutions. They seemed, on
January 1st, truly happy that 2005 had come to replace 2004, a year so unremarkable that no one could honestly name one thing that happened during it.

So I can only assume that a few of you reading this have had a good year. Possibly even a great year. Maybe you finally lost those five pounds you promised to. Maybe you finally told that pretty girl that you liked her shoes. Maybe you won the lottery. Maybe you won it twice.

But I can also assume that some of you have gone the other route. Perhaps the boss introduced a machine that will do your job twice as quickly (and, though you won’t admit it, twice as well). Perhaps the girl with the shoes told you she really, really hopes Savage Garden reunites. Perhaps you won the lottery but lost the ticket. Twice.

To express my condolences and congratulations, here is a mixtape for everyone. A round-up of tracks from 2005. A chance to look back and reminisce, for better or for worse. Listen to the side that best reflects how 2005 has treated you. Alright then, let’s count this year down to rest…

SIDE A: For Those Who Had to Ditch Their Beer in Hamilton
1. “Man Is The Baby” – Antony and the Johnsons
2. “To Leave it Behind” – Great Lake Swimmers
3. “Jezebel” – Iron and Wine
4. “John Wayne Gacy, Jr.” – Sufjan Stevens
5. “Ghost Song” – Patrick Wolf

SIDE B: For Those Who Waltzed On a Confetti-Covered Floor
6. “Do the Whirlwind” – Architecture in Helsinki
7. “Grass” – Animal Collective
8. “The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth” – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
9. “This Boy” – Franz Ferdinand
10. “I’ll Believe in Anything” – Wolf Parade
Happy/Sad New Year, everyone!