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Review By Nathaniel Bryce

It can be exciting to watch a band with good potential in its early stages start to grow and expand beyond their borders. Though I can’t claim to have attended each and every show Guerrista has played this year, wasted and screaming myself hoarse about how this rock band is “goin’ places,” it is still fairly evident upon listening to their first self-released EP that Guerrista has some chops that deserve attention.

Let us start with vocalist Lyndsay Johnston. Here’s a tight little package with a commanding set of blues-rock pipes that you won’t soon forget. At 22, she has a voice that grabs hold and takes to the sky. With Chris Henderson hitting the drum skins like he’s been doing it all of his life and a dirty guitar/bass section keeping things competent, you have a pretty tight band offering up a pretty decent debut. “Burn,” easily the best song on this recording, is a dirt-rock thumper that starts off tense and over the course of six minutes gets straight-up intense. That ex-boyfriend of Johnston’s getting kicked out of a Fleetwood Mac concert must have screwed up royally to become the muse for this piece of music.

With plenty of room to expand, Guerrista is seemingly on the right track. Playing plenty of shows and gearing to record a full length, here is a band that can go places, and I don’t mean that in the “that super drunk guy at the foot of the stage” kind of way.