Editor’s Note

By Jordie Yow

Dear Discorder:

It has been lovely making this magazine for you to read, but I am afraid that I must be leaving. I have learned a lot editing this magazine. It has always been challenging and (except financially) it has been very rewarding. I will miss everyone that I have worked with on the magazine and I wish you all the best—and look forward to seeing you about town. It is a happy moment though because that means Discorder will be getting a new editor who will be taking the magazine in exciting new directions, and that editor could be you, or someone you know. Check out the posting here.

You’ll also notice that there’s twice the normal magazine here! We are very excited to have collaborated with Vancouver Is Awesome to give them a chance to put out a physical incarnation of their excellent website which is devoted to the positive aspects of Vancouver. If you’re ever feeling gloomy about living in Vancouver, a quick visit to their website will pick you up and remind you what a great city we live in. Bob Kronbauer and Co. have put together a lovely looking issue that you can read by flipping over the magazine. When you’re done, I suggest visiting their website,, and bookmarking it. They are very organized and lovely people. We’re going to be having a party with them on Jan. 7 at the Biltmore. You should come out and enjoy yourself. It’s long enough after New Year’s that your hangover will probably have worn off and your liver will be well rested.

Also, as this is the final issue of the year, it has a lot of year end lists which, as a fan of music, you probably love to argue about. You can vote for your favourite bands, albums, shows etc. by participating in our Reader Poll. Check it out here for details. You can find our favourite local bands of the year on page 18 and our favourite albums of the year in Under Review on page YY. Try not to get too worked up about them, this is just one magazine’s opinion. However, I would like to point out that other people and magazines who make similar lists are all wrong unless their list was identical to ours.

Jordie Yow