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Self-Released; 15/01/2016

Natalie Dee

In the music video for “Come,” the opening track of their self-titled EP, She-Devils introduce themselves perfectly. The pastel pink hues and low contrast is reminiscent of Wes Anderson and David Lynch; it’s all too easy to imagine Audrey Horne seductively swaying to their retro-sonic sound.

She-Devils is an admirable first release from the Montreal-based duo of Audrey Ann and Kyle Jukka, a collection of three tracks that are a mishmash of contemporary techniques and vintage sounds, creating a sense of timelessness. This mix should come as no surprise, considering they’re a sample-based group, picking and choosing sounds from bygone eras and spinning it into their own brand of dreamy, lo-fi pop.

Returning to the strongest song on the EP, “Come” is downright enchanting. The title suggests the song’s simple, hypnotic mix of steady riffs, the subtle beat, interspersed with effects that could have come straight out of a sci-fi movie. Ann’s vocals take the forefront, sweetly crooning tempting lyrics such as “Hey baby come a little closer / There are things I want you to hear,” before seducing the listener with a reverb-laden repetition of the song’s title.

Departing from the upbeat afternoon beach vibes of “Come” is “Where There’s No One,” a lengthy six-minute track that could have ended at four. The length, however, creates a sense of drifting and meandering: Ann laments “Please don’t go away” over and over, drawing out each syllable, almost singing at half-speed so it blends with the elongated, crackling sounds that accompany her.

Lastly is “I Wanna Touch You,” which sounds like a dreamy little trip under the sea with the slightest mix of elevator music — in a good way. It’s a suitable way to end the EP, holding onto the relaxed atmosphere of the previous track while bringing back the tropical edge of “Come.”

With just three songs, She-Devils have managed to create an entrancing and surreal aesthetic journey. Close your eyes, give it a listen and let yourself drift off into their retro world.